About us

The RosTEKtekhnologii Research and Production Enterprise (NPP), Limited Liability Company (RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC) was founded in 2007. The Company’s core business is development and manufacturing of materials, chemicals, tools and fittings as well as providing services related to repair, development and stimulation of wells. Due to the research capacity, professional qualifications and extensive experience of its employees (five candidates of engineering sciences and one candidate of chemical sciences), the Company feels confident in its solutions in development and application of technologies, materials and tools. The certified chemical analysis laboratory launched in 2008 is responsible for incoming inspection of supplied ingredients for preparation of compounds and process fluids, modification and adjustment of commercial materials to specific operating requirements, creating new fluids for repair and completion of wells.

The Company’s commercially manufactured range of products includes:

  • Downhole tools for coiled tubing and wireline units for different operations (back pressure valves, fishing tools, jet nozzles, special-purpose tools, etc.), including hydrogen sulfide resistant configuration.
  • Heavy well kill fluid SGS-18 with non-solid phase and density up to 1,600, 1,800 and 2,150 kg/m3 for completion, testing and repair of wells with abnormally high formation pressure (AHFP).
  • Well kill fluid for wells with abnormally low formation pressure (ALFP), hydrocarbon or water-based, for injection of blocking slugs in the required amount and with a wide range of viscosity control depending on the geological and technical conditions of the well.
  • Chemicals for well cementing; the acoustic cement bond logging parameters increase to 0.94-0.98; expansion properties; enhanced fluid-loss characteristics; increased sedimentation stability, adhesion to casing pipes and borehole walls; reduced thickening and setting time; improved rheological properties and absence of bubbling.

The company also provides services related to protection of the environment during drilling operations, including:

  • Environmental documents and sanitary-ecological certificates for drilling fluid and drilling waste.
  • Methods of pitless drilling and on-site waste management.
  • Compounds for solidification (neutralization) of different types of drilling waste.
  • Technical aids for drilling waste neutralization.

All our products have the required certificates and permits. A number of tools, materials and technologies are protected by RF patents for inventions and utility models.