Calcium-free fluid

The most common fluid used to produce non-solid phase fluids is calcium chloride. However, modern investigations show that oversaturation of kill fluids with calcium ions is one of the causes of ESP (electrical submersible pump) failure and considerable calcite depositions in equipment for oil, gas and water processing.

For this reason, RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC proposes to use salt composition to prepare calcium-free fluid having a density from 1,010 to 1,420 kg/m3.

Indicator Standard
Appearance, color Water absorbing powder of white or light gray color in accordance with the standard sample, without any inclusions
Hydrogen ion exponent (рН) of the fluid 68
Density of the fluid prepared at 20 °С, g/cm3 1.011.42
Fluid corrosion rate, mm/year less than 0.125
Fluid freezing point, °С minus 35


  • Killing of oil, gas and gas condensate wells: non-solid phase heavy kill fluid.
  • Killing of oil, gas and gas condensate wells to handle downhole equipment: process fluid for lowering downhole equipment.
  • Well testing: process fluid for testing wells.
  • Well finishing.

Package: moisture-proof soft special containers for bulk materials, 800 kg.

Shipment: motor transport, railway vehicles.
Shipment period is no less than 7 days.

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