Buffer detergent powder (BDP)


TU 9291-002-84422077-2009

Buffer detergent powder (BDP) is used to produce detergent buffer fluid which serves to separate cementing slurries and drilling fluids by composition and density and to effectively wash away residues of the latter from well walls and solids flow back within the temperature range from 0 to 100 °C. It provides improved washoff of the clay cake from well walls (8-10 times higher than that of water).
The use of BDP provides high detergent power as well as increased clay carrying capacity, good washoff of the filter cake from well walls and films from casing pipes, as a result, set cement adhesion with well walls and casings is improved.

BDP is a powder material. To prepare a buffer fluid, BDP compound is dissolved in water: 0.5% (5 kg) of powder per 1 m3 of process water. When making a buffer powder using oil-field and salt water its content is increased to 1-2%.

Washing fluids effectiveness comparative analysis

Package: 25-50 kg bags.

Shipment: motor transport, container cars, railway vehicles.
Shipment period is no less than 7 days.

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