Calcium chloride


Calcium chloride is granules or anhydrous calcium chloride powder of decreased size with a basic substance content of 94%–98% and minimum impurity content. Calcium chloride quality meets requirements of national standards: ASTM D 98-05, AASHTO M144 and GOST 450-77. Under ASTM classification, calcium chloride refers to Type S, Group 3, Class B. In accordance with amendments 1-3 of GOST 450-77, calcium chloride has the following grade: calcined, granules, prime grade, All-Russian Classification of Products code is OKP 21 5221 0220.

Methods of application

In oil industry, calcium chloride is used to prepare calcium chloride process and drilling fluids, cement slurries, kill fluids while completing and repairing oil and gas wells.

Physical properties

Calcium chloride
Appearance Granules or white powder
Odor none
Bulk density Min 750 kg/m3
Molecular weight 111
Grain size
Greater than 5 mm 10% max
1.2-5 mm 75% min
Less than 1.25 mm 15% max
Calcium chloride package
25 kg bags 40 bags on the pallet (pallet gross weight is 1035 kg)
plastic big bag

net weight 800 – 1000 kg

133x133x115 cm
x118x 145 cm

Shipment: motor transport, railway vehicles.
Shipment period is no less than 7 days.

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