Chemicals-Compounds for Cementing

Specification TU 2157-001-84422077-2009 hese are used to produce high-quality light and superlight cementing slurries with normal density, to process light and superlight cement slurries with normal density at a temperature from +5 to 90 ºС. It is compatible with cement slurries mixed with fresh and salt water. Specifications: Fine powder or powder with granules of [ Далее ]

Complex Chemical CC-ACBL (Complex Chemical for Acoustic Cement Bond Logging Parameter Increase)

Specification TU 5743-001-84422077-2009 The complex chemical is a cement additive, its cement slurry increases cement bond logging parameter up to 0.94-0.95 with cement slurry expansion effect during solidification. Unlike other additives, this one features optimally selected composition ingredients that increase cement slurry sedimentation stability, improve strength characteristics and adhesion of the set cement, which expansion [ Далее ]

Buffer detergent powder (BDP)

Specification TU 9291-002-84422077-2009 Buffer detergent powder (BDP) is used to produce detergent buffer fluid which serves to separate cementing slurries and drilling fluids by composition and density and to effectively wash away residues of the latter from well walls and solids flow back within the temperature range from 0 to 100 °C. It provides improved [ Далее ]