Mechanical Spring Centralizer, Type TSR

The Mechanical Spring Centralizer Type TSR is designed to centralize downhole equipment and to stabilize the hydraulic downhole motors operation in tubing and casing strings. The centralizer is lowered into the borehole using either coil tubing, when doing work using CT units, or tubing strings.

The centralizer shaft is adapted to rotate freely relative to the centering spring mast.

Basic Parameters and Dimensions:



TSR-54 TSR-78 TSR-100 TSR-116
Rated tubing (T) string size, mm 73, 89 102, 114 127, 140 140-168
Working pressure, MPa, max


Centralizer length, mm, max 690


Overall case diameter, mm 54 78 100 116
Centralizer maximum diameter along the length of springs, mm 115+10 145+10 165+10 180+10
Bore diameter, mm, min 14


Weight, kg, max 6 12 15 17
Number of springs, units 6 8 10 10
Fluid temperature, °C, max


Working fluid

Drilling fluid, oil, water

Connecting thread dimensions as per GOST 24705-81, 8724-81, 9150-81

M42 х 2

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