Back-Pressure Diaphragm Valve, KTSM Type

Back-pressure diaphragm valve (KTSM), hereafter referred to as the valve, is designed to provide fluid circulation through coil tubing (CT) if the equipment located below the valve does not allow the fluid to circulate, and ensures emergency depressurization inside CT.

The valves are manufactured with 45 and 54 mm nominal diameters.

Basic parameters and dimensions:

Parameter Значение
KTSM – 45 KTSM – 54
Working pressure, MPa, not greater than 30
Shear pressure of pins, MPa, not greater than 15
Valve length, L, mm, not greater than 295 330
Case full diameter, D, mm 45 54
Bore diameter, d, mm, not less than 12 15
Diaphragm fracture pressure, MPa, not greater than:
– inner choke No 1, o11 mm
– inner choke No 2, o10.5 mm


Fluid temperature, °С, not greater than 100
Weight, kg, not greater than 2.5 3.5
Working fluid Drilling fluid, oil, water
Connecting thread dimensions as per GOST 24705-81, 8724-81, 9150-81 М 30 ? 2 М 42 ? 2
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