Complex Chemical CC-ACBL (Complex Chemical for Acoustic Cement Bond Logging Parameter Increase)


TU 5743-001-84422077-2009

The complex chemical is a cement additive, its cement slurry increases cement bond logging parameter up to 0.94-0.95 with cement slurry expansion effect during solidification.

Unlike other additives, this one features optimally selected composition ingredients that increase cement slurry sedimentation stability, improve strength characteristics and adhesion of the set cement, which expansion reaches 1.9–3.1% in 1-2 days.

The temperature range within which the cement slurry is applied with the complex chemical is as follows: up to 75 °C for dynamic temperature, and up to 100 °C for static temperature.

Dosing of the chemical:

  • 20% to the well cement
  • Water/Cement ratio is 0.4

Setting time, thickening time and zero water loss are regulated by chemicals of RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC.

RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC supplies both the complex chemical itself and well expansive cements (WEC).

Package: plastic big bags, 800 kg.

Shipment: motor transport, container cars, railway vehicles.
Shipment period is no less than 7 days.

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