Chemicals-Compounds for Cementing


TU 2157-001-84422077-2009

hese are used to produce high-quality light and superlight cementing slurries with normal density, to process light and superlight cement slurries with normal density at a temperature from +5 to 90 ºС.

It is compatible with cement slurries mixed with fresh and salt water.


  • Fine powder or powder with granules of yellow and white color.
  • Well soluble in water.
  • Density of 1620–1780 kg/m3.
  • Bulk density of 780 kg/m3.
  • Cement slurry (set cement) insulating capacity: primary filtration gradient is 1.5-2 times greater than the standard value.
  • Initial setting is 20–30% earlier than the standard time.
  • Set cement hardness is 10–20 % higher than that of the sample without additives.
  • Chemical dosing:
    -1–3% for light fluids
    -up to -1.0% for fluids with normal density
  • Compatible with other technical property controllers

The chemical:

  • ensures the sedimentation stability of cement slurries;
  • has insulating properties;
  • provides the set cement adhesion with metal casing strings and walls of the well;
  • accelerates the initial setting of cement slurries;
  • strengthens the set cement.
  • ensures environmental safety.

Package: 25-50 kg bags.

Shipment: motor transport, container cars, railway vehicles.
Shipment period is no less than 7 days.

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