Chemical analytical laboratory

Laboratory accreditation certificate No РОСС RU.0001.518285.

The main purpose of the laboratory is to develop and implement advanced technologies and materials which ensure environmentally safe drilling and repairing of wells as well as service support for the works being performed.

The chemical analysis laboratory of RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC, has qualified specialists, candidates of chemical and technical sciences, modern equipment and experimental base, which allows us selecting materials and chemicals for current problems on a scientific basic, and carrying out prompt highly professional examination of a problem.

Areas of work:

  • Investigation and development of new chemicals, materials and technologies associated with finishing, cementing and repairing of wells.
  • Analysis of efficiency of fluids being applied for finishing, cementing and repairing of wells, development of compounds for specific geological conditions.
  • Preparation of sanitary and ecological certificates for drilling fluid and drilling wastes.
  • Independent examination of the quality of materials, chemicals and process fluids within the scope of laboratory accreditation.
  • Selection of efficient well reactant treatment programs for correction and stabilization of various water and hydrocarbon-based process fluids.

Scope of works:

  • Development of process fluids (washing fluid, well killing fluid, perforation fluid, well testing fluid, well conservation fluid, etc.)
  • Measurement of viscosity characteristics and rheological characteristics of water-base and hydrocarbon-base fluids.
  • Selection of chemicals for hydrogen sulphide neutralization.
  • Investigation of sediments and deposits.
  • Analysis of process fluids for stability.
  • Determination of fractional composition of bridging agents and other bulk materials.
  • Measurement of fluid density, mass fraction of insoluble matters, moistening capacity indicator, water loss, fluids freezing point, colloid activity of clays.
  • Determination of fluids corrosiveness in different thermal conditions.
  • Development of compounds for isolating water inflows in oil and natural gas wells.

Chemical analysis laboratory of RosTEKtekhnologii NPP, LLC, cooperates with laboratories of oil and gas companies and large global producers of raw materials.

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